Theology in the classroom

Illustration_Abies_alba0During my formative college years I studied nothing but art and theology. I used to love the classes so much that I’d run to them. Something about debating the meaning of life just gets me so juiced. I believe this is the main ingredient that J. C. along with his contemporaries. In this day, people are so caught up in their phones and themselves that they forget to even stop and think about the divine mystery of the universe. We are simply too disctracted. The worst part is as time goes on, our offspring seems to be more and more entitled. This must stop. We must come back to earth and our roots. We must slow down and connect with on a spiritual level. I challenge you to not use your computer, tv, or phone for three weeks. The level of dependancy will shock you. The first week will be hard but you will find a new found freedom by the time your are done. The irony of typing this post is making me feel like I need to get off this thing at once. In conclusion, there is still a little window of summer left so get out there, disconnect, and tune in to the spirit.

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