To Be A True Christian Will Cost You

J.C.  Ryle was a bishop of Liverpool. He has many amazing writing that one would enjoy. He was a prolific writer on many levels and leader in the church. One of my favorite qoutes is

“It costs something to be a true Christian. Let that never be forgotten. To be a mere nominal Christian, and go to church, is cheap and easy work. But to hear Christ’s voice, follow Christ, believe in Christ, and confess Christ, requires much self-denial. It will cost us our sins, our self-righteousness, our ease, and our worldliness. All must be given up. We must fight an enemy who comes against us with thousands of followers. We must build a tower in troubled times. Our Lord Jesus Christ would have us thoroughly understand this. He bids us “count the cost.” – J.C. Cryle

qoute pulled from http://www.graceonlinelibrary.org/christian-life/the-cost-of-being-a-true-christian-by-j-c-ryle/

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